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I wanted to take a bit to talk a out the next big project about to be started… SAND! Now I know you’re probably thinking how boring that is, and how ‘one-note’ a bunch of pictures of sand would be. I have, however, been asked to photograph a series of microscopic images for science teachers to use in the classroom. I came across a wonderful resource through the Microscopy Society of America and their “Project MICRO” (Microscopy In Curriculum – Research Outreach) Sandbox have been given various samples of sand, ash and lava from around the world. Hopefully the teachers will find these images useful in conjunction with lesson plans in geology, geography, tides, and other natural sciences!

The sample list is as follows…

– Ash from Mt St Hellen’s
– Lava from Hawaii
– Coarse sand (crushed shell) from Hawaii
– Various fine sands from:
— Maine, USA (North Atlantic Ocean)
— Haifa, Israel (Mediterranean Sea)
— St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (Caribbean Sea)
— Utah, USA (Canyon Runoff)
— Durres, Albania (Adriatic Sea)
— Botany Bay, Australia (South Pacific Ocean)
— Ontario, Canada (Lake Superior/ Gargantua Harbor)

I also have shells from various travels, and will collect pond-life (algae, leaches, protozoa, etc) in my backyard.

I’d like to especially thank Heidi Ullberg of Hooke College for curating the main Sandbox collection, and for sending more samples than I had even requested!  You can find resources at The Microscopy Society Of America’s The Microscopy Society Of America’s website HERE